Lights, Camera, Action! The Best Hockey Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

couple watching a movie on their couchIn my last blog I talked about some cool hockey-themed gift ideas and activities for Valentine’s Day. Well, for you movie-lovers who would prefer to stay home with your sweetheart rather than deal with the hustle and bustle of going out, here’s a list of some great hockey movies you can cuddle up and enjoy!

Miracle - The moving true story about the 1980 U.S. Hockey team that defeated the “unbeatable” Russian team in the semi-final game. Full of drama, comedy, and of course, hockey!

Slap Shot - The definitive hockey movie. Perhaps not the best choice for a romantic evening with your sweetheart. But, you can’t do a list of hockey movies without it. It’s a rule.

Youngblood - A coming-of-age story about a young player trying to find his place in a new town and its semi-pro hockey team. 80s heartthrobs (yep, I said “heartthrobs”, what of it?) Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze star in this dated, yet timeless dramedy. I have no idea how something can be dated and timeless at the same time, but just go with it.

The Rocket - One of the lesser well-known hockey movies around, but certainly not a lesser film! The Rocket follows the trials and tribulations of Quebec’s most famous hockey player, Maurice “The Rocket” Richard, a French Canadian trying to be successful in the NHL. Some have called it “the Gladiator of hockey movies”.

Mystery, Alaska - A hockey movie with heart about a small town in Alaska with an amazing secret...they have phenomenal hockey players! After a story in Sports Illustrated exposes them to the world, the NHL plans an “old time hockey” event pitting the Mystery boys against the New York Rangers, much to the shock, excitement, and panic of the townies and pond-hockey players alike. Dubbed “The Rocky of hockey”, the film stars Russell Crowe and few other recognizeable faces. Cute, sweet and funny....oh, and hockey too.

The Cutting Edge - Okay guys, before you freak out, I’m well aware this isn’t technically a hockey movie. But you know what? It’s about a hockey player and there’s a lot of ice and skating in it. So chill! It wouldn’t hurt to watch one your lady might actually enjoy, ya know? The Cutting Edge is about a hockey player (D.B. Sweeney) who’s career is cut short by injury, but is given an opportunity to skate again with a cute partner (Moira Kelly) in Olympic pairs figure skating competition. Being a romance, it’s pretty predictable. But the ride is fun, sweet, and worth the hour and forty minutes.

Goon - This one will have to wait until after Valentine’s Day because it doesn’t actually hit theaters until March, but I HAD to mention it because I’m geeked about it! This comedy stars Sean William Scott as a loser whose fists of fury land him a job on the local semi-pro hockey team as a bruiser. Looks to me like it’s gonna be a fantastic companion to “Slap Shot”. Check out the trailer here:

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