One of the things that makes Rink Management Services Corporation so unique is our marketing efforts. We generate promotional programs that offer barter rather than paid advertising and schedule special events where advertising costs and responsibilities will be handled by other entities. We always consider the client's budget and necessary advertising. What does this mean for you? It means you get high quality marketing for less cost!

Public Relations

We also have had excellent success using public relations in lieu of paid advertising, allowing our facilities to enjoy a much higher recognition rate in the media than other such facilities. In other words, we let other groups pay the way to advertise our client. Our public relations and media relations programs are among the best in the industry. We know how to connect with the media, and how to get them to help us sell your rink. Media partnerships are an important part of our marketing effort.

Online Marketing

We utilize a variety of online marketing tools to provide our clients with the best possible results for the dollar. Regular subscriber emails, social media contests and promotions, organic and paid search, website design, and more are all part of our marketing package.