Community Involvement & Events

Providing safe and enjoyable recreational facilities to all area residents is of paramount importance, and we try to expand the customer universe as far as possible while responding to community needs. Our philosophy is to give back to the community in order to not only serve, but to instill good will and create new and loyal customers. Learn more.


We utilize a variety of online and offline marketing tools to provide our clients with the best possible results for the dollar. We always consider the client's budget and necessary advertising. Learn more.

Consulting and Operations

Our purpose is ensure that you build the right rink for your market -- for the right amount of money. Our 15 years of experience in running skating and other recreational facilities has given us the insight and methods for running effective and efficient operations. Learn more.


We pride ourselves in offering creative and unique programs at our ice rinks and recreation facilities. Learn more.

Project Design and Development

Adding or building an ice rink is a complicated process, and input from ice industry professionals is critical to a project’s success. We offer a unique approach that saves you valuable time and money without cutting corners. Learn more.

Turnkey Facilities Management

We can handle all aspects of day-to-day management and can tailor our client agreements to meet individual needs. Our financial management system has become one of our most successful features. Learn more.