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Turnkey Facilities Management

We structure our management to fit the client's needs.

Turnkey Facilities Management

Turnkey Facilities Management

Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park, Washington Harbour Ice Rink, Reston Town Center Ice Skating Pavilion and many more

Rink Management Services has been successfully managing ice rinks for more than 20 years. We structure our management to fit the client's needs. We can handle all aspects of day-to-day management including:

  • Hiring

  • Payroll

  • Insurance

  • Operations

  • Marketing and sales

  • Programming and procurement

  • Or we can tailor a program (and fee) that fits your needs

Our Financial Management System

Our financial management system has become one of our most successful features. We recognize the essential need of most clients to have standard policies and procedures. We focus on:

  • Cash handling standard procedures

  • Accounts payable processing procedures

  • Accounts receivable processing procedures

  • Payroll processing procedures

  • Budgeting

  • Process and control improvements

Our Financial Reporting

One of our strongest skill sets and one that is greatly appreciated by our clients is our financial reporting. By the fifteenth of each month we produce reports that include a balance sheet, a statement of cash flows, a profit and loss versus budget for the month and year-to-year, a comparison to last year’s periods (when applicable) and the entire general ledger. Our reports are GAAP standard and on a full accrual basis. They are 100% transparent and completely auditable. Our extensive accounting staff is first-class and highly experienced.

Consulting and Operations

Valparaiso, Union County, Springfield IL, Bend Ice Rink

Rink Management Services can provide you with straight-forward advice as you move ahead with your building or operational plans. Our purpose is ensure that you build the right rink for your market -- for the right amount of money.


Our 20 years of experience in running skating and other recreational facilities has given us the insight and methods for running effective and efficient operations while providing fun for the users.

Project Design and Development

Warrior Ice Arena, Reisterstown Sportsplex, Richard E. Workman Sports & Wellness Complex, Rothman Ice Rink, Wharf Ice Rink, Boston City Hall Plaza Ice Rink, The Standard Ice Rink, Lloyd Ice Rink, Bend Ice Rink

Adding to or building any type of sports facility is a complicated process, and input from industry professionals like Rink Management Services is key to a successful build-out.

We offer:
  • A unique approach to development that lowers design and soft costs

  • Functional, cost-efficient design based on hands-on experience

  • Experience with more than 47 ice rink and multi-sports facility construction projects

  • Straight-forward advice and candid assessments based on economic reality

  • Reality-based sports facility consulting and design

Our experience:

Rink Management Services offers more experience in building and operating multi-use sports facilities than any other company in North America. Although ice rinks are our specialty because we started in the ice rink industry, our expertise now extends to all areas of recreation management. Our services include:

Multi-Use Sports Facilities:

  • Wellness Centers

  • New facility development

  • Retrofits and renovations on existing sports facilities and ice rinks

Ice Rinks:
  • New single and multi-rink construction

  • Seasonal and portable outdoor ice rinks

  • Multi-rink construction – includes an eight-rink facility in Vancouver, BC

  • Specialty figure skating ice surfaces

  • Small plastic ice training facilities


Learn to Skate, Learn to Play Hockey, Rock n' Skate, Tiny Tots, Silver Sneakers and many more

Here are some of the programs and special events we offer at our ice rinks and recreation facilities:

  • Daily public skating sessions

  • Learn to Skate programs for all ages

  • Ice Hockey Leagues for all ages, offered year-round

  • Ice Hockey Clinics and Tournaments

  • Professional ice hockey demonstrations

  • Rock-n-Skates

  • Cartoon Skates

  • Live DJ's

  • School and Day Care Field Trips

  • Figure Skating Competitions

  • Ice Shows

  • Fun Fundraisers for your organization or business

  • Group Events (Scouts, Churches, etc.)

  • Charity Events

  • Broomball

  • Special Events for the community

  • Special Holiday programming

  • Birthday Parties

  • Kids Night Out

  • And more!

Sales & Marketing

Graphic Design, Website Design and SEO, Social Media, Online Reputation Management, Sales Aquisitions, Media Outreach and more

One of the things that makes Rink Management Services Corporation so unique is our sales and marketing. We generate promotional programs that offer barter rather than paid advertising and schedule special events where advertising costs and responsibilities will be handled by other entities. We always consider the client's budget and necessary advertising. What does this mean for you? It means you get high quality marketing for less cost!


As leaders in the industry we’ve developed extensive, customer-first sales methods. We are well versed in the relationship between current and future customers and revenue growth. All decisions are made with our clients and customers in mind and we aim to create a transparent environment that our clients appreciate.

Public Relations

We also have had excellent success using public relations in lieu of paid advertising, allowing our facilities to enjoy a much higher recognition rate in the media than other such facilities. In other words, we let other groups pay the way to advertise our client. Our public relations and media relations programs are among the best in the industry. We know how to connect with the media, and how to get them to help us sell your rink. Media partnerships are an important part of our marketing effort.

Online Marketing

We utilize a variety of online marketing tools to provide our clients with the best possible results for the dollar. Regular subscriber emails, social media contests and promotions, organic and paid search, website design, and more are all part of our marketing package.

Community Involvement

Fundraisers, Charity Events, Tournaments, Concerts and many more

Providing safe and enjoyable recreational facilities to all area residents is of paramount importance, and we try to expand the customer universe as far as possible while responding to community needs. Our relationship begins when we first begin managing an ice rink or recreation facility. 

Our commitment to community projects is strong. Our company literature is full of testimonials and thank-you letters from groups that might not ordinarily be able to afford or enjoy our recreational facilities. We also serve as the site for charity events and fundraisers, and work closely with community leaders. By partnering with local charities and community organizations, Rink Management Services Corporation is also able to keep a high profile for the facility, an important consideration for promoting facility usage, and for creating good will for facility owners, whether they be private or, more importantly, municipalities, where taxpayers want to know that their tax dollars are trickling back into the community.

Rink Management Services Corporation has a proven track record of attracting and promoting activities and events you would not normally associate with a sports facility, many of them in conjunction with community and charity partners. We are well known for our large sports tournaments, concerts and other regional and local events.

Here are some of the groups we work with:
  • Churches and a variety of religious organizations

  • Boys and Girls Clubs

  • Quest Foundation

  • YMCA Strong Kids Campaign

  • People to People

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Upward Bound

  • Special Olympics

  • American Heart Walk Association

  • Muscular Dystrophy Association

  • Lose the Training Wheels (for disabled children)

  • The Red Cross

  • DARE (Drug Awareness Resistance Education)

  • Cancer Survivors

  • Asthma Foundation Goodwill Industries

  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters

  • The United Way

  • Toys for Tots

  • Boy and Girl Scouts

  • Relay for Life

  • Juvenile Diabetes Association


Working with each group takes a variety of forms. We are proud of the work we do within the community, and our reputation for good works and involvement precede us into new projects. Our philosophy is to give back to the community in order to not only serve, but to instill good will and create new and loyal customers.

Community Projects:

To further extend the visibility, as well as position the ice rink or recreation facility as an asset providing community leadership, we develop various promotional opportunities with community organizations.

  • Library Read 'n Skate Program - reaching children in the marketplace to encourage good reading habits. 

  • American Cancer Association Relay for Life - fundraising site

  • Community Skate Days

  • Goodwill - training and employment guidance program

  • SADD and DARE - develop fund raising promotions

  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America - badge certificate programs, Scout Jamboree, Scout Night Out, etc.

  • Toys R Us - Birthday party sweepstake

  • Relief- free skating for Hurricane Katrina victims


We are committed to your community...and ours.

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Community Involvement
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